Nissan GT-R

Gold Motors are London’s only approved bodyshop for Nissan’s iconic GT-R. When launch, Nissan were quoted as saying:

Gold Motors Demo Vehicle“The new Nissan GT-R achieves the world’s best paint performance, in terms of resistance to chipping and scratches. It comes with a lustrous paint sheen when new – partly through the application of a ‘double clear coat’ – and maintains this finish due to its uniquely tough paint. Tests have shown that the Nissan GT-R continues to have a blemish-free luster long after rival paints are peppered with stone chips and small abrasions. This paint strength is especially important on a premium vehicle capable of such high speeds.

A special new color, ultimate metal silver, is also available on the Nissan GT-R. All GT-Rs get an electrodeposition first coat, which bonds especially well to the metal, a special anti-chipping coat, primer, color bases and then clear coats, both hand polished by craftsmen to achieve a perfect paint finish.”

We are Nissan GT-R approved to carry out all repairs to original vehicle standards, something we are very proud of.

We are also proud to work with the largest GT-R owners club within, Battalion30five, to sponsor and attend all of their UK events. We provide advice and guidance to all GT-R owners with our other partners at Litchfield Motors.

We are happy that a lot of our GT-R customers recognise the quality of the work we do, and send their cars from all over Europe for us to paint and/or repair.

If you are ever at an event and see our demo vehicle, please feel free to come over and have a chat! Stuart Gold, owner of Gold Motors will be happy to talk to you about Nissan GT-Rs all day long!