Jig Work

Straightening process

When a vehicle sustains major accident damage, it may have to go onto our chassis jig. This is to ensure panel work is straight and the chassis alignment is within manufacturer specifications. Jigging a car requires specialist equipment used by trained technicians.

Chassis and panel alignment can take time and requires careful consideration towards manufacturer specifications. Pulling an accident damaged car has to be done correctly as severe damage can be caused by over pulling which can stretch metal components.

At Gold Motors, measurements are taken after every pull until the car is back within manufacturer tolerances.

Our trained technicians have years of experience dealing with all major panel work on a daily basis. Our years of experience with heavily accident damaged cars means our technicians know where to pull the car and how much force to use, which is why this type of equipment can only be used by a professional.

The jig is the only way to ensure that all the critical alignment points are correct.